Lady luck is the most beloved companion, even however she can be complicated to be sure to. Individuals have considered that supernatural powers have helped them in the course of history. A lot of people today associate mischief and trickery with the god of gambling from various parts of the planet. 

Whilst some of the playful malignancies have been lighthearted, many others led to devastating situations. Some of these gods of gambling are even now very well-regarded nowadays, and some are nevertheless utilised to support gamblers. We will examine ancient deities who had been either portrayed as god of gambling or whose character flaws led to them getting labeled that way.

Gefjon – Nordic Region

The pantheon Nordic gods have come to be a extremely popular artwork kind, appearing in movies and publications. Gefjon is the Nordic god of gambling. Whilst she is pointed out in historic texts courting back to the ninth century, minimal is regarded about her. 

Gefjon is the patron goddess for fantastic fortune, fertility, agriculture, and abundance. In outdated Norse, her identify indicates “Generous One” (or “Giver”)


Hermes, the Greek God of Gambling, is between quite a few other factors. Perhaps you have read of Hermes. He is the messenger of the gods from Greece, carrying a little round hat and winged sandals. He life on Mount Olympus, together with his father Zeus and 11 other individuals.

Hermes was born and lifted in a person day. His mother Maia gave beginning to him instantly. It was apparent that he was exclusive. Hermes is normally known as the “divine trickster,” and it turns out that he was usually up to his cheeky antics since working day 1.

Hermes, the half-brother to his brother, stole the cattle of his cattle and invented the lyre in advance of it was even out. Hermes has been named the God of gambling since of his track record for staying a crafty trickster and his means to outsmart other gods.

According to Greek legend, Hermes was termed a cheater, thief, and crafty. Nonetheless, people today have prayed for luck at any time given that he invented dice.


Macuilxochitl, the Aztec God, is liable for gambling. He is one of five deities that represent indulgence and excess. This strategy of extra is also represented in Aztec lifestyle by the variety 5.

Macuilxochitl interprets to “five bouquets.” Each individual of the 5 deities has a identify that commences with the selection 5. These deities are also the names for days in the Aztec calendar. They are recognized as the “tonalpohualli.”

Macuilxochitl is also known by the identify Xochipilli or ‘flower prince.’ He is a God of gambling who does lots of things. This god is dependable for some of life’s most remarkable and innovative pleasures. 

This god of gambling is affiliated with songs, dancing, composing, feasts, games, and gambling. Macuilxochitl is not with out threat but is the a person who defines the line among pleasure. 

People today who indulge in inappropriate behavior could close up with venereal disorder, hemorrhoids, and boils. This is one god of gambling you would want to retain on the awesome side. 


Nohoi Lpi

Nohoilpi, the Navajo God for gambling, is also known as The Fantastic Gambler. Nohoilpi, a legendary figure, loved to participate in video games each individual time.

He wore an enormous turquoise talisman. Each gambler loves to have a blessed allure. 

Following a whilst, he experienced turn into accustomed to betting just after wager and obtaining what he wished. Nohoilpi was now cocky. He had now received properties and the houses of their family members. These inadequate persons ended up enslaved by him and applied to establish a town of honor.

However, this abuse was not forgotten. Other Navajo deities observed the evil functions, and they devised a approach to instruct him a lesson. The gods granted regular male gambling skills through a night of mystical dancing and singing. 

This allowed him to defeat Nohoilpi and free all the slaves. The gods aided the male, and Nohoilpi was stripped of all his belongings.

Nohoilpi, who the persons now freed, was taken up into the skies. This cautionary tale is a excellent reminder to all gamblers that even the most expert can get greedy. No one, not even a god, is immune from gambling’s repercussions.


Nezha, the mischievous Chinese god for gambling and fortune. 

To defeat the demons of the earth, Nezha was despatched to the womb of his mom by the Jade Emperor. Woman Yin, his mom, was three and a quarter decades expecting in advance of eventually supplying beginning.

Li Jing, his father, was furious, believing that the demon was attacking him. He drew his sword and attacked the fleshy ball, splitting it in 50 percent. Nezha emerged, not as a weeping toddler but as a strolling, talking boy.

Nezha was 1 working day playing in the ocean with other kids. Nezha unintentionally killed Ao Guang’s son in a mishap. This was awful news as Ao Guang was the East Sea Dragon King.

The King turned indignant and threatened to unleash a huge flood. Nezha experienced brought on considerably shame to his loved ones, and so the minor boy fully commited suicide. Nezha was not still left alone. 

His trainer Taiyi Zhenren brought Nezha again to everyday living with some creative additions, much like Dr. Tenma did with Astro Boy. Nezha had a fire-tipped sword and a pair of wind fireplace wheels. These were being specifically valuable for him to battle his father, who nonetheless hadn’t forgiven him.

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If you are participating in at on the net slots with Egyptian or Greek-themed slot equipment, bear in mind the rich heritage. It is intriguing to feel about how the god of gambling carries on to affect punters these days.

Maybe you would like to offer you a silent prayer of thanksgiving to these strong gods in the hopes of finding the up coming large jackpot. Let us hope the god of gambling blesses you with all the luck doable for your upcoming session.